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Are you looking for the cost of rendering a house?

If you are looking for comparable quotes for rendering a house it is not always easy to get rendering costs per square metre to compare.

Use the Render Systems tool at to work out what render products you need for your house. Choose the material your house is made of and the render finish you would like. The free, online tool will recommend the render products you need. Then let us know how many square metres you need, and our team will quickly put together a quote for the cost of rendering your house.

Rendering an old house?

You might be rendering over existing render or onto brick. Just select ‘existing render’ or ‘brick’ in the Render Systems tool and the best recommendation will be made for you.

What does rendering a house cost?

There are two costs to rendering a house that you will need to consider – the render materials cost and the render application cost. Render Systems can find render applicators for your project, or you can request a quote just for the cost of the render materials.

Coloured render houses

‘Coloured render’ is when the purchased product is already coloured. You can choose a standard colour or custom colour from render swatches or a palette. Alternatively, render can be applied in its natural colour and then painted with masonry paint in a colour of your choice. The team at Render Systems will be able to advise on the cost of painting render versus using coloured render.

Modern house render

The cost of rendering a house with modern, silicone renders as opposed to traditional sand and cement may initially cost more. However, modern renders contain silicone and other additives that give fully waterproof, yet breathable protection for your house exterior.

The cost of rendering your house exterior with a modern silicone render is offset by savings in maintenance and durability. Modern house render is easier to clean, creates a more flexible and weatherproof barrier to protect your house from the weather for longer.

Use the free, online tool now to find the best render for your house. Ask us for a quote for render materials, or materials and render application and we will get back to you quickly with a quote to render your house.


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