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Launch of new online tool that takes the guesswork out of choosing render

Answer just two questions on the new Render Systems web-based tool and you will have a free, instant answer for the render system your project needs.

Different methods of construction need different types of render. Finding the finished look you want, that also delivers the durability you need, can require considerable research. The new Render Systems tool has the answer.

SAS Europe have been working to demystify the process of finding render coatings that work with your construction material whilst delivering the look you or your client wants.

Rob Johnson, Technical Sales Consultant who has been working on the render choosing tool, said “In the technical team we often help applicators, architects and homeowners with the right render choice. With this online tool you can quickly get to the answer that you need. There no need to sign up, but our technical support is there if you need it.”

Those who have been trying out the new Render Systems online tool have found they get a fast recommendation of the render system they need, with a product breakdown and the offer of product samples, as well as quotes for supply and fit, or a full specification from the SAS Europe technical team.

For example, if you have a steel construction but want a modern, minimal finish, or your timber frame house needs a traditional finish to be in-keeping, then use the Render Systems tool to get the solution you need quickly. Right from the planning and design stage you can source the products you need, with the backup of the technical team who can provide accurate quotes and approved applicators.

SAS Europe are manufacturers of render systems and products that include ProRend renders, basecoats and paint, ProBead, reinforcing mesh, exterior insulation and rainscreen cladding.

Try it now! Find the new Render Systems tool at

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