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ProRend Colourtex in white for a coastal property

This white render is a perfect choice for a modern coastal house, and the formulation of ProRend Colourtex thin coat will ensure protection from driving rain and salt water in this exposed location. Blockwork with a rendered finish was chosen to fit with other local buildings, complement other building materials and provide a sharp and clean finish for the high specification properties.

Choose the perfect render for your blockwork using the free Render System tool, try it here.

ProRend Colourtex thin coat white render is low maintenance, waterproof, lightweight and breathable. Our silicone thin coat render comes in a factory-batched tub and is manufactured from fine natural and coloured aggregates. It is ready to use and can be applied by hand or sprayed by machine. This coloured render is available in two textured finishes: Uniform and Grained, and is applied over ProRend coloured primer.

Silicone thin coat renders are ideal for use in areas of high exposure to the elements such as coastal properties, or areas close to woodland where algae build-up on the face of white render can be cleaned off with a pressure washer. ProRend Colourtex is:

  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions, coastal or woodland
  • Easy to clean with just a pressure washer
  • Can be applied to a variety of substrates
  • No need to paint

ProRend Colourtex is available from SAS Europe in 17 stock colours and can be custom-tinted to more than 65,000 colours. There is no need to paint this coloured render that is guaranteed for 10 years, but it can easily be painted with ProRend masonry paint for a change of colour or refresh.

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